First Meeting for the New Investment " Heavy Equipment Works " - Year 1976

The Heavy Equipment Works (Combinatul de Utilaj Greu Cluj - Napoca ) was founded in 1970 when on this site was laid the foundation of a modern production unit for power engineering equipment: steam boilers, hot water boilers, special purpose boilers, burners and equipment for thermal power stations.

In 1976, the Heavy Equipment Works expanded with new capacities for the production of metallurgical engineering production equipment for metal working and iron foundries. At the same time, the necessary supply means for such an industrial plant were developed: the compressed air station, the oxygen factory, the tool manufacturing workshop, the internal railroad net, the pattern shop a.s.o.

In 1980 was built the workshop for complex technological equipment, the heavy forge, the hammer and die forging shop, the steel works and the steel foundry, included, also the central laboratory for mechanical tests and chemical analysis at the highest actual requirements level. In 1985, the more than 8.000 employees of the Heavy Equipment Works were already producing complex technological equipment (with a great share of the production for export), forge manipulators, furnaces for primary and secondary heat treatment, casting ladles, casting equipment, sandblast machines, rolls, rolling-mill stands and other equipment for continuous steel casting lines, drawing presses for automobile body parts, cutting presses, trimming presses, power presses and dye forging hammers with 250 up to 2500 Tons forging force a.s.o.

In March 1991, the Heavy Equipment Works (C.U.G.) was split into six trading companies, to allow a higher production versatility of all the companies against the market requirements. FORTPRES CUG was set up based upon the former heavy equipment workshop, continuing the tradition and experience gathered in the production of complex technological equipment, of power and hydraulic presses, of rolls and rolling mill stands, of welded metal structures and spare parts for the metallurgical equipment.

At the end of 2004, S.C. FORTPRES CUG S.A. became a private company by purchasing the majority of the block of shares by the Ukrainian trade corporation “Industrial Union of Donbass” [Industrialnîi Soiuz Donbassa SSD) in Donetk. The company policy of the new owner is to raise up the performances of the company by investments for up-grading and modernizing the production capacities and purchase of the metallurgical workshops of the former Heavy Equipment Works (C.U.G.).

As a specialized manufacturer of these products, FORTPRES CUG .SA. CLUJ-NAPOCA may satisfy the highest requirements of our business partners from the home and external market, underlining that our endowment agrees with the quality level required by ISO 9001. Our technical endowment, the experience and capacity of our labour force and of the over 150 engineers and technologists, allows us to design and manufacture any kind of heavy equipment.

Opened to internal or foreign cooperation, with a wide experience in this field, FORTPRES CUG S.A. can approach with professional skill the design, manufacture and delivery of a wide range of products and services.

Tradition, Competence and Quality are the main targets of our staff.

Managing Director

Dorin Ilies

The company stretches on 70.4000 sqm surface in which perimeter, two production facilities are operated:

1. The Welded Structures Workshop, which is independently organized on 5 bays, with an adjacent covered storage yard further on there are the RX and G testing rooms, the stress relieving heat treatment furnace, with a 80 sqm hearth surface, the sandblast room and the priming and painting rooms all with access from the heavy bay, bay 1 and 2 are meant for light and medium machining operations and in bays 3, 4 and 5 we are cutting and preparing the plates, manufacture the welded structures, the heavy machining and the assembling operations.

2. The Technological Equipment Production Workshop, is organized as an integrated manufacturing line on three bays where we achieve the cutting of the parts from plates, assembly by welding, light and medium machining operations and the assembling. In this workshop we operate also a secondary heat treatment division.

FORTPRES CUG is a joint-stock company with a registered capital of 8.398.650 RON. The share holders are as follows:

The company has 410 employees from which about 280 are direct production workers. 95% of the production is for export, the delivery of the products is performed by road means of transportation or on railroad connected to the national railroad net.

At the company level we operate an IT net with access to Internet so that all the technical information may be processed on any electronic support through AutoCad, SolidWorks, BricsCad.